Moiré Modes v1.0 & Stravinsky Rose v3.0

Online documentation of works developed and performed with Ben Lycett at Seeing Sound 3, Bath Spa University, UK on 23rd-24th November 2013.

The video documentation of my performance with Ben Lycett as part of the Seeing Sound 3 Performance 2 session isn’t great quality – and our main camera shut off half-way through the set, so the last 10 mins uses footage from our back-up camera which has the screen obscured by silhouettes of our heads!

So I’ve since output high res versions of three of the four pieces (Three Phase was little more than a live jam and is still being refined) to feature here.

Whitney Triptych has seen the most concerted development and reflection since the conference – so this has it’s own post.

Moiré Modes v1.0

Moiré patterns help visualise the vibrational modes of a perfect, virtual drum-head playing ‘Up & Coming (Brown STC)’, an unaccompanied solo for five timpani, retuned to the first five ‘preferred’ modes.

Stravinsky Rose v3.0

A Whitney inspired visualisation of Igor Stravinsky’s Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo (1918) performed by Fiona Cross of the Manchester Camerata.


Details of these works will be documented in ‘Making of a Moiré Modes v1.0’ and ‘Stravinsky Rose – v3.0’ posts  at my Tumblr Digital Sketchbook in due course.