Literature Review

The Augmented Tonoscope Literature Review submitted as part of my RD2 – Application For Transfer Of Registration From Master Of Philosophy To Doctor Of Philosophy

“The literature review is conducted in order to establish prior art in the field of inquiry. In order to operate as a professional researcher, it is necessary to establish what previous researchers in the field have established, and what work is being conducted currently. This is not a trivial undertaking, it is a major part of the PhD study. For those working across disciplines, which is often the case in design research, it may mean deep searches in several other disciplines. This may entail visits to various libraries, searching different databases and, increasingly, conducting web searches which entail precise framing of the information required. It is necessary to develop deep skills both in where and how to find the information required.”


Durling, D. (2000) Reliable knowledge in design. Working Papers in Art and Design 1
Retrieved <23/12/11> from URL
ISSN 1466-4917

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